About Ilya’s Photography

Over the past 35 years photography has been a defining factor of Ilya’s life and his camera has surely become a permanent extension of his arm. Ilya looks at life through a viewfinder always in pursuit to capture a momentum in time. He is an artist that finds inspiration in the details with an uncanny ability to spotlight the beauty and uniqueness of any subject. Ilya has developed an unparalleled style through his manipulation of lighting, color and space allowing him to create the most sublime scenes.

Ilya first took interest in photography at the age of 17 when he purchased a Pentacon 35mm camera and built a dark room in his bathroom. Soon after he began taking photographs for the local newspaper and pursued a degree in Photojournalism from the Kiev Institute of Culture. Ilya began his career as a freelance photographer specializing in editorial, event and wedding photography.

Ilya immigrated to Seattle, Washington with his family in 1993 and immediately picked up Ilya’s Photography where he left off. He started rebuilding his photography studio and was quick to react to the evolution happening in the photography industry. Ilya was an early adopter of digital photography and was amazed by the world of opportunities it opened up for him as a professional photographer. Over the years Ilya has attained a wealth of knowledge in photographic technique and a vast amount of experience with a wide array of photography equipment.

Today, Ilya’s Photography is a full-service photography company specializing in architectural, real estate, commercial, product, food, wedding, corporate and event photography services.