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Queen Anne Helpline Fundraiser

Event Photography Services

Ilya’s Photography has been providing event photography services for PR for People for over 5 years. The last photo shoot took place at Kerry Park in Seattle for a fundraiser for the Queen Anne Helpline. The Queen Anne Helpline is a private and community organization that frequently participates in neighborhood events and activities, it is funded entirely by personal donations and service. They provide short term financial assistance to those who are confronting personal crises, support programs in continuing education and also run a clothing and food bank.

I have maintained a long-term business relationship with Patricia Vaccarino, the Managing Partner of PR for People. Patricia just released the first issue of their Online Magazine and did a feature on Ilya’s Photography in the September 2012 issue. You can find the feature on page 9 or read more about the event with Queen Anne helpline on page 10.


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“Whenever we need a photographer whose work is stellar, we call on Ilya Moshenskiy. He is especially gifted at photographing people and places. He is also talented at capturing the essence of products, architecture, food, and luxury goods. Ilya is particular gifted in capturing the inspiration behind a “brand story.”  He is also able to capture the essence of people during their most important events in their lives. I have hired Ilya for fundraising events, business events, literary events and for architectural renderings. I even hired him for a most important event of all–my daughter’s wedding.  Ilya is more than a gifted photographer. He is a visual artist who captures what is most beautiful and inspiring about the world we live. I believe he was destined to be a world-class photographer.”

Patricia Vaccarino
PR Executive
Xanthus Communicatoins LLC and PR for People

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